Nature-based Solutions and USAID's 2022-2030 Climate Strategy

two figures in the distance ride in a boat amidst calm waters in the fog
Tanguar Haor is one of the biggest haors of Bangladesh. For most of the year, the region is surrounded with water. Water is the main ornament of this region. Livelihood depends on water. Many families use it for fishing, coil mining, boat riding, and more. Photo Credit: Kingshuk Partha, ActionAid Bangladesh

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As part of the release of USAID’s 2022-2030 Climate Strategy, Climatelinks has been hosting two series of webinars. The USAID Climate Strategy Launch Webinar Series occurred in May 2022 and consisted of three webinars to introduce a broad audience to USAID’s 2022-2030 Climate Strategy. The USAID Climate Strategy Deep Dive Webinar Series began in June 2022. The first webinar in the Deep Dive series highlighted Climate Finance, the second offered insights into Climate-Smart Agriculture, and the third and latest in the series will focus on Nature-based Solutions.

The interdependence of climate and natural systems—and human dependence on both—means that neither the climate crisis nor environmental degradation can be tackled independently.  Forests, peatlands, and other ecosystems absorb and store large amounts of carbon, reduce disaster risk, and support livelihoods, food and water security, and health.

Nature-based solutions are critical for climate adaptation and mitigation efforts, and represent one of the five foundational principles of USAID’s 2022-2030 Climate Strategy. This webinar will bring together USAID experts to highlight ways that USAID, its Missions, and Implementing Partners are already working in this space. Speakers include:

  • Jenny Kane, USAID/Biodiversity
  • Noel Gurwick, USAID/Natural Climate Solutions
  • Emily Bondank, USAID Center for Water Security, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Amin Budiarjo, USAID/Indonesia
  • Anita Van Breda, World Wildlife Fund
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