Improving Sanitation Through Resource Recovery in East Africa

Engineering for Change

In East Africa only 10 percent of fecal sludge is safely treated, and the problem worsening with increased urbanization and population growth. Despite the need, new treatment facilities are not coming online quickly. Customers are not highly motivated to pay for sanitation services and there is a widespread underestimation of what it takes to plan, design, build, and operate a treatment facility.

Sanivation, a social enterprise dedicated to improving the dignity, health, and environment of urbanizing communities in East Africa, are providing one-stop solution to treating fecal sludge in Naivasha, Kenya. Leveraging their partnerships with local governments, their knowledge of the sanitation sector, and passion for creating sustainable business models, Sanivation signed an agreement to plan, design, construct, and operate a new septage fecal sludge treatment facility neighboring the existing waste water treatment plant.

This presentation will discuss the technical, logistical, regulatory, and bureaucratic challenges of designing and constructing a unique and technically complex facility in a resource-constrained area.

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