Food Safety and One Health Approaches to Reducing Foodborne Pathogens and Zoonotic Diseases, November 19, 2020

Feed the Future

Human and animal health are tightly linked: Foodborne pathogens and parasites are persistent public health hazards, and an estimated 60% of human pathogens and 75% of emerging diseases originate from animals according to a recent report by the UN Environment Programme and ILRI. The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety leverages research and expertise in food safety, food production, nutrition, and international development to identify the root causes of foodborne illness within supply chains.

Join the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety for the second webinar it its series exploring how a One Health approach to food safety in meat production can reduce, manage, and mitigate risks to animal and human health.


  • Shawn Baker, U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Barbara Kowalcyk, The Ohio State University
  • Thumbi Mwangi, Washington State University
  • Martin Wiedmann, Cornell University

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