Building Resilient WASH systems in Fragile States - August 25, 2020


This free interactive SIWI WWWeek At Home session aims to identify opportunities for synergies and collaboration to bridge the divide between humanitarian and development worlds.

Challenges, opportunities and lessons learned will be shared on how WASH systems strengthening is already evolving in fragile contexts.

The case study of the Central African Republic shows how systems strengthening is happening in a place of chronic fragility, while the example of Burkina Faso illustrates how the resilience of existing systems are being put to the test in the wake of extreme violence and regional instability. Finally, the case from the Somali Region in Ethiopia illuminates the struggles and insights gained from a humanitarian perspective.


  • Roel Blesgraaf, the Netherlands Red Cross
  • Selam Seje, the Netherlands Red Cross
  • David de Armey, Water for Good
  • Arnauld Adjagodo, IRC Burkina Faso


  • Evita Rozenberg, IRC

It’s time for the humanitarian and development sectors to work better together and build the resilient national and local systems that can provide services to all, in the face of any crisis. For now, and into the future.

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