5th International Fecal Sludge Management Conference

5th International Fecal Sludge Management Conference

The fifth FSM (FSM5) conference wants to continue its mission of advocating and sharing good practice and innovation to improve the quality of life. The conference provides a platform to address the demands and challenges of the sanitation sector Africa, while continuing to maintain the independent identity and global focus of the FSM conferences, including Asia. 

As in previous conferences, this annual event provides the opportunity for professionals, governments, policy-makers, utilities, development partners, investors, industries, and service providers to coordinate, develop and share learning solutions for sustainably managing the whole non-sewered sanitation service chain, including the toilet, containment, emptying, transportation, treatment and reuse, as an essential component of city-wide urban sanitation services. 

This year the FSM5 conference has joined forces with the African Minister’s Council on Water to co-convene with the AfricaSan 5 conference. Through this partnership, conference attendees will have access to a unique synergistic program that combines the political will of AfricaSan along with the technical, practical, and academic expertise of the FSM Conference. Attendees will have access to all public session organized by both conferences via one registration fee.

The conference is being held from February 18–22., 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. For more information visit: https://fsm5.susana.org/en/.


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Eawag Sandec
  • German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH
  • Inclusive Sanitation in Practice (IPS)
  • Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA)
  • University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Water Research Commission (WRC)


Cape Town, South Africa

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