Focus Areas

Water For Health

Through water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programming, USAID works to improve health outcomes by providing improved access to safe water and sanitation while promoting improved hygiene practices and supporting approaches that can be brought to scale and sustained. These services can improve health, lower healthcare costs, and save time, particularly for poorer populations. The results can be immediate and long-term with economic and social benefits vital to millions of people.

Water For Food

Water for Food—Strategic Objective 2 (SO2) in USAID’s Water and Development Strategy (2013-2018)—seeks to manage water in agriculture sustainably and more productively to enhance food security. The Agency’s measures of success include increasing water-use efficiency and productivity in both rainfed and irrigated areas that will improve water management for agriculture for 2 million people by 2018.

Water Security

Water holds the key to improved human security and environmental sustainability in the 21st century. Smart and efficient management of this resource will prove vital to reducing extreme poverty, improving public health, and creating a more sustainable future for all people and the ecosystems that sustain us.