A view of the landscape of the Quilca-Chili watershed Photo credit: Cristina Portocarrero

Latin America and the Caribbean

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Over the past 20 years, poverty in Latin American and Caribbean countries has declined, and economies have grown. The region has also experienced free elections, vibrant civil society, and responsive governments. But climate change poses an ever-increasing risk, especially in Central America and the Caribbean. To address this, many countries in Latin America are working to find ways to improve watershed management and sustainably use freshwater resources. Much of USAID’s water programming in this region centers on agriculture, which remains an important economic sector for many Latin American and Caribbean countries. Through its interventions, the Agency endeavors to reduce watershed degradation issues and promote sustainable water resource management; improve access to irrigation water through infrastructure rehabilitation; mitigate flood risks; bolster climate change-preparedness; and enhance agricultural productivity. USAID funds water and sanitation programming in Guatemala, Haiti, and Honduras.