West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI)

The West Africa Water Initiative (WAWI) works with communities and governments in Ghana, Mali, and Niger: 

  1. To increase the access to sustainable, safe water and environmental sanitation for poor and vulnerable communities in rural and peri-urban settings. 
  2. To reduce the prevalence of water-borne and sanitation-related diseases, particularly trachoma, guinea worm and diarrheal diseases through the promotion of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation practices. 
  3. To ensure ecologically, financially, and socially sustainable management of water quantity and quality. 
  4. To foster a new model of partnership and institutional synergy to ensure technical excellence, programmatic innovation, and long-term financial, social and environmental sustainability in water resources management that may be replicable in other parts of the world. 
2008 - 2017
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