USAID/DFID Health Pool Fund ( HPF )

The South Sudan Health Pooled Fund provides hundreds of thousands of citizens, especially women and children, with quality healthcare, delivering services across 80% of South Sudan.

They lead a consortium working with the government to strengthen its capacity to deliver health services on its own, with funding from DFID, USAID, the EU, Canada and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

Activity Description

Their approach:

  • Managing funds and partners across complex and unstable geography to ensure no interruption in quality service delivery
  • Maintaining services despite the outbreak of conflict in 2016
  • Procuring, storing and distributing life-saving drugs to health facilities throughout the country
  • Freighting goods by air and road to make sure even the most inaccessible regions are reached
  • Working with 23 locally embedded partners to quickly identify and tackle emerging crises
Actual Outcomes

Results achieved through HPF have not only saved lives, they also signal a shift in behaviour, away from risky home births towards safe deliveries in facilities with trained staff. Local staff receive practical training in the treatment of common childhood illnesses, cold-chain storage to keep drugs effective, and water, sanitation and hygiene.