Tigray Productive Safety Net Program 4 (TPSNP4)

The goal of the TPSNP4 is to “enhance resilience to shock, and improve food, nutrition and livelihood security among vulnerable rural women and men in 12 woredas of Tigray”. Central to achieving this goal are four interlinked domains of change (purposes) including: i) reduced vulnerability to shocks and stresses, ii) increased agricultural production and productivity, iii) improved sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable women, men and youth groups, and iv) reduced malnutrition among pregnant and lactating women, and children under five. The project’s crosscutting issues are gender equality and women’s empowerment, climate change adaptation, social accountability and institutional capacity building. Together, the aim is to develop sufficiently absorptive and adaptive capacities capable of buffering against the constant shocks that disrupt livelihoods and wellbeing in target woredas.

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