Strengthening Water and Sanitation in Urban Settings

Activity Description

TERI University, in partnership with Coca-Cola and USAID, conducts water and sanitation risk analysis in Kolkata and Chennai slums. TERI builds the capacity of university faculty and students through a model sanitation curriculum and develops participatory intervention strategies in urban areas. Regional workshops and online seminars are used to share the information from the studies TERI conducts. The program targets 20 municipal schools, and 2,500 students through WASH programs implemented in the schools. The program will benefit more than 50,000 individuals in low-income settlements and more than 300 professionals through WASH governance strengthening activities.  

Expected Outcomes

Expected outcomes include immediate access to improved sanitation facility to about 100 HH ( more than 600 people), followed by improved access to all, and eventually, reduction in WaSH related diseases of over 100 school children and 1000 local residents leading to an increase in slum dwellers' earning potential. Participation of relevant stakeholders including local community shall also ensure the long-term sustainability of the programme.