Production, Finance, and Technology (PROFIT+)


A combination of low productivity, maizecentric farming, and poor value chain development for diversified crops has resulted in stagnated agricultural growth in Zambia. PROFIT+ builds on previous USAID-funded activities by connecting agricultural input supply with output markets, promoting value-added rural enterprises linked to selected value chains as well as ensuring women fully benefit from value chain development. The activity focuses on increasing agricultural productivity and expanding markets and trade in Feed the Future (FTF) Zambia focus value chains such as maize, oilseeds and legumes (particularly groundnuts, soya, and sunflower) in the Eastern Province economic corridor. Specifically, activities include the identification and dissemination of productivity enhancing technologies to farmers, the development of value chain finance schemes to increase access to credit, the development of an export strategy for these value chains, and improving the capacity and governance of smallholder cooperatives to increase market linkages to high value processing. PROFIT+ will achieve a 30% increase in productivity and income from selected value chains, benefit 800,000 smallholder farmers, and increase the value of agricultural sales by $125 million, in particular for value-added processing, by 2017.

Activity Description

  • Closely link efforts and emerging trends in policy and agribusiness sector with specific innovations on the ground while ensuring, women and vulnerable groups also benefit from value chain development.
  • Partner with government and other development stakeholders to assist small-scale processors, farmers’ associations, and smallholders (including vulnerable groups) through the provision of technical assistance that will enable them to increase their productivity through the application of new technologies.
  • Leverage an estimated $50 million in new private-sector investment in maize, soybean, groundnut, sunflower, onion, and tomato value chains.
  • Implement a $7.1-million Innovation, Investment, and Partnership (IIP) Fund for local and private-sector partners to build their capacity to deliver services well beyond the life of the program.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improve smallholder productivity
  • Greater access to markets and trade
  • Increased private sector investment in agriculture