Northern Uganda Health Integration to Enhance Services (NUHITES)


NU-HITES was envisioned to serve as USAID’s key partner to support improvements for a health system able to meet the health needs of the northern Uganda population. As the north continues its transition from post-conflict to a more stable development setting, USAID was also transitioning its modes of support from humanitarian approaches that provide basic service provision to one of longer-term partnership with local structures and systems to ensure greater sustainability of social sector services. In this vein, the program focused on supporting District governments to enable them to meet their primary responsibility for the provision of public sector health services. However, while public sector services and leadership were necessary, they wee not sufficient to meet the population’s health needs. Therefore, NU-HITES also supported the growth and acceleration of a vibrant and sustainable private health sector that aimed to serve the health needs of the northern Uganda population through innovations in service provision while complementing the public sector.

Activity Description

The Project goal was the improved and sustained health and nutrition status of northern Uganda population through a district-based integrated package of quality health services, including system strengthening, integrated services for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, maternal, newborn and child health, reproductive health and family planning, and nutrition, for the fulfillment of the health sector’s contribution to the National Development Plan and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This program contributed to reduced mortality and morbidity and further prevent occurrences of infectious diseases in the target area.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased availability of health services
  • Increased accessibility to health services
  • Improved quality of health services
  • Enhanced enabling environment for health care delivery
  • Increased health seeking behavior and practices
  • Increased availability of human resources for health
  • Improved availability of adequate stocks of health commodities and supplies
  • Improved information management system
  • Improved leadership and management
  • Increased private sector involvement through innovations for delivery of affordable quality health care services

2012 - 2015

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