Monitoring and Evaluation Support Project


The purpose of the Monitoring and Evaluation Support Program is to provide technical assistance and advisory services to all USAID/Jordan Development Objective teams and implementing partners in the areas of project monitoring, evaluation, research, organizational learning and knowledge management to enable USAID/Jordan to fulfill its performance and evaluation requirements as mandated by the Agency's policies and guidance.

Activity Description

The services provided by the project includes designing and conducting independent, high quality performance and impact evaluations; building capacity of USAID staff and implementing partners; assisting mission and implementing partners to monitor and track progress against mission Performance Management Plan; and, strengthening communication, coordination, collaboration and synergies within the Mission and with other key stakeholders regarding program interventions, monitoring and evaluation and lessons learned.

Expected Outcomes

The project aims to: 

  • Strengthened PMP Implementation and Utility
  • Project/Activity Evaluation Strengthened
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Actual Outcomes

Training for the Mission and IPs

  •  Conducted five rounds of a three-day workshop focused on Causal Logic and Adaptive Management with 4 Mission staff and 38 IPs staff with a total of 1008 training hours.
  • Piloted and conducted the Data Visualization Workshop with 12 IP staff with a total of 42 training hours.
  • MESP and PRO staff participated in and were trained as facilitators on the CLA self-assessment process, and co-facilitated the process for the Youth Task Force.
  • Hosted a complimentary post-conference workshop delivered by MECap The road of better fit: Skills building series (Identifying Opportunities for Complementary M&E of USAID programming with a total of 16 attendees/128 training hours.
  • Conducted 15 workshops with a total of 176 participants and 1549 training hours.
  • Developed and received approval from PRO on the concept notes for MSC, TOC training workshops.

Technical Assistance for USAID PMP:

  • Supported PRO in DQA visits.
  • Generated reports from DevResults for PPR and Portfolio review.
  • Uploaded the revised Activity MEL plan template on KaMP.

MEL Technical Assistance for IPs: 

  • Held 2017 USAID/Jordan MEL Conference.
  • Concluded Round One of the Apprenticeship Program, resulting in 12 out of 13 apprentices securing jobs. All 8 seconded apprentices were transferred to an M&E title/position, and three out of five non-seconded apprentices were hired at the IP that hosted them.
  •  Initiated Round Two of the Apprenticeship Program with 15 apprentices
  • Conducted two CoP sessions attended by 82 IPs for Activities under EDY, EDE, WRE, DRG, GNDR and PFH.
  • Reviewed, discussed, and/or provided feedback to the following IPs in support of developing and enhancing their MEL plans:o Youth with Potential (YWP)
  •  Assisted JCAP in their KAP survey.
  • Establishment of Mission MIS/GIS
  • Launched the three DevResults major visualization overhauls: the new Indicator Targets vs Actuals graph