Management Engineering Services Contract (MESC)

The National Water Strategy 2016 - 2025 prepared by the Jordan Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) states that Non Revenue Water (NRW) is one of the major issues that impact the water supply availability in Jordan. MWI placed NRW reduction as one of their highest priorities to sustain the water sector in the medium to long-term and maintain adequate resources to meet future demands. Reduction of NRW is also important at the utility level. Reducing NRW will not only generate extra income to the water utilities, it will significantly reduce the operational costs to treat and pump the lost water. Reducing NRW means that water utilities will collect more revenue from the same amount of water treated and distributed, which will provide additional funds for reinvesting in the maintenance of local water networks and ensuring its sustainability: a "virtuous cycle.”

The Management Engineering Services Contract (MESC) assists the two water utilities - Miyahuna (Amman municipality) and the Aqaba Water Company (South of Jordan) - to manage their Non-Revenue Water (NRW) programs. MESC builds capacity at the water utilities in all areas pertaining to the management, monitoring, and repairs to reduce NRW. MESC works with each utility to improve its capacity to plan, design, procure, and manage NRW infrastructure upgrades so that future upgrades can be completed autonomously.

Engicon was contracted to be the FARA consultant for this 5–year program, overseeing a $60 million investment budget, as well as creating the institutional framework that allows for better management of NRW.

Activity Description

Activity Description

MESC aims at reducing NRW in Amman, Zarqa, Madaba, and Aqaba through different measures, including isolation, restructuring, and rehabilitation of water distribution zones, disconnecting redundant networks, leak detection and repair, procurement of maintenance equipment, replacement of meters, and pressure control using state-of-the-art systems.


2015 - 2020
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