Liberia Municipal Water Project II (LMWP II)

LMWP will assist local and national authorities in developing plans for urban water supply and sanitation improvements, implementing short and medium-term water supply infrastructure improvements, and re-establishing local capability to sustainably operate and maintain the water supply improvements. During the four-year project base period, it is the goal of LMWP to help establish improved water supply access in each city, with infrastructure managed by locally-based entities capable of financially and technically sustaining the service. The improved water systems will provide public health and economic development benefits in the three target cities.

Activity Description

Activity Description

The project includes extensive institutional, engineering, and socioeconomic analysis, including household surveys and analysis of willingness and ability to pay for services. LMWP’s holistic, technical approach targets specific local conditions, while recognizing common institutional, technical, and socioeconomic challenges and opportunities.

LMWP is focusing on engaging communities through outreach and public awareness campaigns. Our team will also design appropriate and innovative infrastructure that is long-lasting and simple to use and maintain. In addition, LMWP will work to increase the system’s sustainability through commercial viability using tariff pricing, asset management, and strong customer service.

By incorporating socio-political considerations into our technical approach, LMWP will minimize and mitigate risks to assure fulfillment of project objectives. We will work to develop and strengthen local institutions by working within the current institutional, regulatory, and legal frameworks to produce results and identify areas of improvement.

Expected Outcomes

Expected Outcomes
  • Over 90% of the population in the project cities will have improved water supply access and improved infrastructure will be handed over to locally-based management financially and technically sustaining water supply service.
  • Establish self-sufficient and sustainable water service provision
  • The cost of service will be based on the operational costs of the water system with the goal of having all operation and maintenance costs be borne by the customers
2011 - 2017
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