Glacier Retreat and Water Resource Sustainability in the Peruvian Andes: Informing Adaptation Strategies through Collaborative Science

The team conducted training on water sample collection and river flow measurement in the Shullcas watershed for faculty and students from Continental University in Huancayo (photos courtesy of Dr. Lagos).


This project was designed to provide a realistic projection of water availability in the Shullcas River watershed through 2050, considering the ongoing retreat of the Huaytapallana Glacier due to global warming.

To achieve this goal, Dr. Lagos and his colleagues needed to improve scientific understanding of how recent glacier changes are impacting stream flows and therefore better anticipate how ongoing climate change will affect water resources in the region.

Activity Description

In order to do so the project acquired and analyzed current and historical hydrometeorological data from the region, but because such observations are generally unavailable on a continuous basis, the researchers also relied on hydrochemical and hydrological data collected along the Shullcas River and its tributaries during 2015-2016.

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