FARARANO Food for Peace ( FFP )

A vanilla grower shows off her crop. NCBA CLUSA is looking to pair vanilla producers with processing centers to access global markets

Fararano is a five-year, USAID Food for Peace Development Food Assistance program whose goal is to reduce food insecurity in 48 communes in three of the most vulnerable regions in Madagascar: Atsinanana, Vatovavy, Fitovinany, and Atsimo Andrefana. The program provides an integrated package of nutrition, agriculture, disaster risk reduction, environment and gender-focused activities to reduce food insecurity in these target areas.

Expected Outcomes

The project aims to: 

  • Deter undernutrition amoung Children under 2,
  •  Increase household incomes,
  • Improve access to healthcare,
  • Improve community capacity to manage shocks.
Actual Outcomes

The program has seen that:

  • Women and children have improved consumption of diverse and nutritious foods;
  • Women and children (especially during the 1,000 days) utilize preventive and curative maternal and child health and nutrition services;
  • Households practice optimal water management, hygiene, and sanitation behaviors;
  • Increased diversified agriculture production;
  •  Increased on- and off-farm sales by households and producer organizations;
  • Community-based disaster mitigation, preparedness, response systems and social safety net mechanisms meet national standards.