Empowering Communities for Health


Cambodia is establishing statutory structures at the commune, district and province level, including Committees for Women and Children at all three levels, to instill greater government accountability in protecting the rights of children and women. D&D is rolling out in the coming years with the goal of increasing local accountability and management of health sector resources. This opens a window of opportunity to ensure local-level representatives are more engaged in the planning, resource allocation, and management of health services, to more effectively improve the health of their communities.

At the community level, VHSGs are a major factor in Cambodia’s rapid improvement of the health sector over the past ten years. VHSGs provide village-based health education and services for a range of health issues, including maternal and child health and family planning. The VHSGs link with the local health centers through their participation on the Health Center Management Committees (HCMC). Future gains in the health sector will require the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) institutionalize VHSG within the government’s health system

Activity Description

The main ECH goal is focused on achieving sustainability and ownership by the public sector of the institutionalization of the Village Health Support Groups (VHSGs) into the local government structure. This requires robust strengthening of the technical and managerial capacity of the authorities and institutions responsible for these systems and structures.

ECH has worked with the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD) and other relevant government institutions at the national level down to the provincial, district and local level for strengthening the capacity of local authorities to enlarge public space in hearing community voices for better services, effective planning and programming of allocated resources and promoting a cohesive environment where the rights of the citizens for services and providers is respected and followed through.

Expected Outcomes

The project aims to have: 

  • Strengthened health systems and governance;
  • Improved maternal and child health practices in communities;
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency of infectious disease programs (TB).

2014 - 2018

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