Development Food Security Activity ( DFSA )

The Faithful House Program helped Gamedi Dhabi and Husna Shebrahim improve their decision-making around food and livelihoods security for their family.

The CRS DFSA in Ethiopia is funded by the USAID Office of Food for Peace to sustain and build on the previous food security improvements achieved under the Productive Safety Net Programme, or PSNP, the Government of Ethiopia’s rural safety net for food-insecure households. Now in its fourth phase, the PSNP has expanded from its traditional emphasis on food and cash transfers for work and maternal and child health and nutrition, to include gender, youth and economic livelihoods (on-farm, off-farm and wage employment pathways). The goal of the CRS DFSA is: Food, nutrition and livelihoods security of households and communities improved and sustained.

Activity Description

The CRS Development Food Security Activity is running from September 30, 2016, through September 29, 2021, and has three purposes—PSNP systems strengthening, economic livelihoods, and maternal and child health and nutrition, including water, sanitation and hygiene—with gender and youth as a cross-cutting purpose.

Expected Outcomes

DFSA expects that: 

Women and youth have increased access to and control of community and
household resources (cross-cutting purpose)

  • The Government of Ethiopia, or GoE, and community systems respond to reduce communities’ and households’ vulnerability to shocks (Purpose I)
  • Households improve their sustainable livelihood and economic wellbeing (Purpose II)
  • Pregnant and lactating women, and children under 5 years, have improved nutritional status (Purpose III)