Climate Change Adaptation for Communities of the Lima Watershed

Photo Credits: AQUAFONDO

The purpose of the project is to disseminate and disseminate effectiveness of adaptation measures (MoA) to climate change, with the objective of leveraging public and private funds, and this way to scale up investment for sustainable management of natural resources of the Rímac river basin.

Activity Description

- Incorporate information about the change climatic and manage to formulate strategic plans and identify MOA to increase the resilience of its activities in five low-income Communities and its Local Governments, located in the upper part of the basin of the Rímac River.
- It seeks to increase the installed capacity in five rural communities in order
to monitor the effectiveness of MdA, whose measurements allow to disseminate evidences and escalate his intervention.
- Seeks to strengthen economically and institutionally AQUAFONDO with the objective to scale the implementation of MdA at Lima level.