Afghanistan Jobs Creation Project

Central to the USAID/Afghanistan Plan for Transition Strategy is a focus on improving opportunities for private sector-led economic growth to replace donor assistance and increase Government of Afghanistan (GoA) revenue. The Economic Growth Consolidated Project Appraisal Document addresses this broad strategic issue and focuses on strengthening elements of the Afghan economy leading to economic growth, private sector development and increased employment opportunities. The Strategy also recognizes that the GoA’s ability to provide key services is an essential component to achieving economic growth objectives. Therefore, reforms in business enabling environment, support for private sector and employment programs, as well as investments in infrastructure including water, sanitation and hygiene remain paramount as the Mission strategically focuses on supporting Afghanistan’s private sector-led economic growth.

Expected Outcomes

The main objectives of Afghanistan Job Creation Program (AJCP) are:

  •  to generate revenue and sustainable jobs by supporting value chain development and; 
  • to support trade promotion and facilitate Afghan businesses in increasing exports

Through the Afghanistan Jobs Creation Program activity, USAID will work to help businesses to improve supply chains, marketing, and financing to make sanitation products and services affordable to more Afghan consumers.