2017 USAID Annual Report Spotlights


In the “Global Water and Development Report of Water and Sanitation Activities FY 2017,” USAID charts its progress toward achieving the goal of providing 15 million people with sustainable access to safe drinking water services and 8 million people with sustainable sanitation by 2022. In FY 2017, USAID provided $449.6 million to support water, sanitation, and hygiene activities in 41 countries. As a result, 3.6 million people gained access to improved water while 3.2 million gained access to improved sanitation.

The annual report also explores USAID’s support for partner countries on their journeys to self-reliance through many voices:

  • A community mobilizer in India marketing safe water kiosks to her neighbors
  • A homeowner in Indonesia who can now afford to build a septic tank system with funds from a community savings account
  • A mother in the Dominican Republic who has traded a wetland for the open sewer that used to run through her backyard
  • A regional water bureau manager in Ethiopia who can remotely monitor water point functionality through a data visualization platform

Read their stories and others below, view the full report, and see how USAID is delivering results in the WASH and water sector.


Safe Drinking Water

Women Mobilize to Promote Cheaper, Cleaner Drinking Water in India

Water Resources Management

USAID’s PREPARED project supported the development of the first transboundary agreement to manage the Mara River Basin between Kenya and Tanzania. Photo credit: Tetra Tech/ARD
The small-scale wastewater treatment facilities are simple, but effective, and can be shared by multiple households. Photo credit: Erick Conde

Interagency Partnerships

Collaborating to Improve Drinking Water in Haiti: The CDC trains rural WASH technicians to conduct water quality testing for free chlorine residual. Photo credit: David Snyder/CDC Foundation

Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning

Promoting Collaboration for Sustainable Services
Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning